ILLiad Logon

BVU Students, Faculty and Staff:
Logon above using your BVU username and password. The first time you logon you will be asked to complete a new registration form.
Your BVU username is a unique identifier assigned to all members of the BVU community. This is also the prefix to your email address. If your email address is, then your username is beavbuf. If you are unsure what your username is or you have forgotten your password, please contact the BVU Computer Center Help Desk by email or call 712.749.2349, 877.248.4462 (toll free).

Community Guests and ICCC Students/Faculty:
Community guests and ICCC students/faculty click here to create an account. Community guests must have a valid community guest card.
Your username is your first and last name run together, i.e. fredjones. Your password is whatever you created. If you have forgotten your password or need further assistance, contact the library by email or phone 712.749.2203, 877.288.2240 (toll free).